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About Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc.

Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc. (HCC), a 45 year old community-based, not-for-profit legal services agency, is based on the west side of Manhattan. HCC’s programs -- legal services (including housing, benefits, immigration, elder law and consumer debt), tenant/community organizing and weatherization assistance -- advance its mission to promote social and economic justice and fight for the rights of poor, low-income and working individuals and families. Today we offer a wide range of legal, advocacy, weatherization assistance and tenant/community organizing services and reach more than 3,500 residents annually.  HCC's annual budget is $2.7 million.

Community Organizer - Job Description

Housing Conservation Coordinators, Inc. (HCC) is a 45 year-old community-based, not-for-profit organization founded to preserve and create safe, decent and affordable housing on the Westside of Manhattan. Each year, HCC staff assists more than 3,500 tenants with housing-related problems through our five core programs: legal representation, tenant organizing, weatherization assistance and community organizing.

The community organizer helps build neighborhood-wide campaigns around affordable housing, land use, development and other local issues in Hell’s Kitchen and adjacent Manhattan neighborhoods. The community organizer works closely with neighborhood leaders, tenant associations, local government staff and housing advocates and HCC staff, particularly its tenant organizers, to win local and citywide affordable housing campaigns. 

Full Time/Program – Reports to Director of Organizing

1) Works alone or with other staff as appropriate to organize around community issues based on the priorities set forth by management.

The organizing process includes, but is not limited to:

* Helping community members establish and/or build neighborhood coalitions as appropriate.

* Recruiting new members to participate in campaigns, neighborhood coalitions

* Conduct base-building activities to support coalitions, including outreach to build the membership base of coalitions such as the West Side Neighborhood Alliance (WSNA), tracking membership status and dues through the database, identifying potential members and places to find members, working with Director of Organizing to set membership goals and executing plan to meet the goals

* Ensure that WSNA Steering Committee members take an active role in the planning and facilitation of meetings.

* Ensure consistent turnout for all WSNA meetings via email blasts, mailings and phone-banking

* Conducting leadership development and trainings, including identifying potential leaders, building relationships through one-on-one meetings, identifying leadership needs and developing, planning and facilitating trainings

* Research and facilitate educational workshops as they relate to affordable housing and other relevant issues facing the community

* Staying current about issues facing the community

* Conducting regular outreach in the community

* Disseminating educational information

* Facilitating special events, such as forums, rallies and other public events

* Participation as appropriate in citywide or other coalition efforts around issues of interest to the community

* Preparation and distribution of written materials including membership and campaign materials

* Building relationships with other neighborhood stakeholders, including elected officials, Community Board members and leaders and members of neighborhood and block associations

2) Take a lead role in organizing and executing the Annual West Side Tenants Conference. The Community Organizer will coordinate with all staff, neighborhood organizations and elected officials in staffing all necessary workshops and panels. The community organizer will coordinate all logistics including where the conference will take place, breakfast and lunch for the day and all necessary materials, and ensure that necessary outreach is done within the community to publicize the event—this will include developing all relevant material and executing an outreach plan.

3) Work collaboratively with HCC Tenant Organizer to identify and organize target buildings, and provide management and/or technical assistance in existing tenants associations as needed.

4) Coordinate and attend on-going appropriate trainings and public forums.

5) Work with Management to develop reasonable programmatic goals for community organizing and to ensure that the goals for each program and/or contract are met.

6) Contract Reporting: Complete all necessary work for contract agencies and/or foundations, including maintaining accurate and up-to-date relevant database entries, including but not limited to membership updates, meetings held and meeting attendees.

Work Hours

The community organizer job often requires evening and weekend meetings. The standard work hours for the community organizer are between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., but the necessity of evening and weekend meetings require modifying those hours as appropriate.

Performance and Appraisal

The Annual Performance Appraisal will evaluate performance by the community organizer of the job responsibilities listed above.

Language and Additional Requirements

There is a strong preference for a Spanish speaking person who has good public speaking, writing and computer skills.


Work hours are flexible but often require evening meetings and some weekends. Ability to speak Spanish, high-level computer skills and minimum two years experience preferred. Salary commensurate with experience; starting salary for two years of direct experience is $49,801; benefits include medical and dental coverage among others.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume by October 1st, 2018 to Jon Furlong at

Insert “Community Organizer Applicant” in the subject field.

HCC is an equal opportunity employer and values a diverse workforce. Women, people of color, gays and lesbians, transgender people, veterans and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.