Our Staff

Julio Camacho, Housekeeping/Maintenance Worker

Leslie Thrope, Executive Director

Alexander Dilone, Auditor/Weatherization
Construction Manager

Archana Dittakavi, Attorney

Betsy Eichel, Tenant Organizer

Ava L. Ferenci, Poverty Justice

Solutions (PJS) Fellow

Jonathan T. Furlong, Director of Organizing

Mary Fox, Director of Legal Services

Luca C. Guacci, Attorney

Leijia Hanrahan, Community Organizer

Lynn Horowitz, Attorney

Karen Jackson-Campbell, Director of Weatherization Services

Bob Kalin, Tenant Organizer

Ana LoBiondo, Executive Assistant

Jose Melendrez, Field Data Specialist/BPI Certified

Ashley Minett, Staff Attorney

Monica Morante, Senior Community

Resource Coordinator

Ivette Nuñez, Weatherization Intake Specialist

Nico Palazzo, Attorney

Richard Semegram, Attorney

Patricia Whitcomb Hooper, Asst. to Legal Comp.

Fiscal Services are provided by Beckmang Consulting, Trevor Mangaroo, Principal